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Welcome to the What's Your Work Podcast, A curiosity podcast where we talk about your work and what you do.
Share a funny story or vent frustrations about a co worker that gets under your skin.
Or if you don't want to talk about your job, we'll talk about your work of passion.
Gaming, Books, Movies, Podcasting, whatever it is we'll dive into whatever you pour your time into.

If you want to get in contact for an interview or to ask questions, please feel free to contact me at and on Twitter @WhatsYourWork.

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Only one episode left on the old server and will be brought over in November it can be found here...

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Sep 10, 2017

Here we go, The full episode. 

This week get deep into a two part series interview of Henno Heitur. Everything from music production to podcasting.

If you are returning from Part 1... skip to about the 1hr mark.