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A side project i am starting..... a Metal Podcast, a little bit historical a little bit about you growing up with metal.

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Mar 10, 2018


Author of Privacy and How We Get It Back, Social Media is Bullshit and the comic Vengeance Nevada, with other books/comics in the works.

We go deep into your data and why it is so important to protect it. To pull a quote from PRIVACY AND HOW WE GET IT BACK.....

“I have nothing to hide!” You totally do, by the way, have

something to hide. Otherwise you’d give me your email

password without hesitation and let me follow you into

the bathroom.

That sums it up, even tho we for the most part are good citizens, there are things we don't want getting out there... like banking info!

In this episode we go into

  • How did “Social media is bullshit” come about?
  • Was there a tipping point to put “The End of Privacy” to print?
  • What can we do about data collection?
  • Should we be paid for our data?
  • And we get into the shows fave five plus on a 90’s kick!

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